2013 Predictions/What to look forward to: Technology

Smartphone/tablets on the rise and computers on the decline, there is shift happening right now in technology and that shift will continue in 2013. TVs able to access facebook, watching Netflix on almost every able electronic device there is, and being able to edit your homework on a smartphone or tablet (THAT’S ME!!!!). Its actually to prepare for a future where the computer is actually with or around you.

And now your 2013 predictions in the Technology world:

  • No iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s will be the same as the 5 but with a better camera and semi-improved specs
  • A new iPad with a quad-core CPU, better camera, and more thin
  • iOS 7 will have a major redesign and multiple user accounts
  • Apple will not make a TV
  • T-Mobile will sell Apple products when the next iPad is launched along with the iPhone 5 & 4s
  • T-Mobile & MetroPCS merger will get approved
  • AT&T will fully support Blackberry 10, Verizon to follow
  • Nexus 7, 10 getting a refresh with the next Nexus phone remaining unlocked only and sold only through the Play Store
  • Google and Motorola will announced the rumored X Phone as the second flagship but for all carriers and consumers
  • Android 5.0 announced and code name Key Lime Pie
  • The Galaxy S IV will have an 4.9 inch and the Galaxy Note 3 will have 6 inch screen
  • Windows Phone will gain traction as the 3rd place mobile operating system with apps from Instagram and Pinterest with a big push towards Xbox Gaming
  • An Xbox Surface tablet (main focus on gaming) and Surface Phone from Microsoft 

Any predictions you can share? Let us know in comments below.


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