Best Of: CES 2013

CES was officially over Friday and even though I wasn’t there, I am impressed with almost every single thing I have read about. From 4k TVs, Gaming, Computers, Tablets, smartwatches, and phones. Anyways after looking through a lot devices and watching ton of video I give the first installment of Best Of.


Best Smartwatch: Pebble

There were two trends that came out of this years CES: smartwatches and kickstarter projects. Pebble is actually the fore front of both of those trends once in 2011. Its the watch that will let you control the music on your phone from your watch or getting a text message without grabbing your phone using Bluetooth. Pebble is an amazing watch that you are able to change the face (like the picture above), access apps, it will work for exercising also. It begins shipping to Kickstarter backers on January 23rd but you can still pre-order one today at their website for $150.


Best Phone: Sony Xperia Z

CES is actually not known for phone announcement but that never stopped Sony with the Xperia Z. The 5-inch phone packed with the latest specs such as a Snapdragon Quad-core processor, 13-megapixel camera, Android 4.1, and it can go underwater, at a certain point for a certain time though. The NFC feature to connect to portable speaker or the latest Sony TV remote to stream video from the phone via Miracast is also pretty cool. The Xperia Z is expected to come out in March which feels a long way but hopefully it will gain traction with the rumored Galaxy S IV suppose to be coming also.


Best TV: Samsung 85-inch 4K “Floating” TV

Plenty of TVs was shown at CES especially these 4K TV, or Ultra HD as they’re now  going to say, but it was only one unique one that caught my attention. Samsung introducing their 85-inch new 4K TV and what makes it unique is this easel-like harness with speakers surrounding the TV that gives it a somewhat “floating” design. It is also coming with its Smart Hub interface along with new features such as S Recommendations and Voice Controls. Samsung expects to bring the TV around March of this year.

Biggest Surprise: Project Shield

Can I say that I (or anyone) honestly never saw this one coming. Project Shield is a Android mobile gaming device from Nvidia who make graphic cards. It’ll play your android games, access your google apps like Gmail or Maps, and the cool thing….access and play your Steam PC game wirelessly on the device. You can also play them through your TV via HDMI (wireless feature coming soon). I honestly want to try this device and look forward to it when it comes 2nd Quarter of 2013.

Best Gaming: Oculus Rift

Remember when Virtual Reality was like coolest thing back in the day, well at least for me it was. It looks like its making a comeback with the Oculus Rift, this headwear is also a kickstarter project that got funded so be sure to check out the website and learn more about it.

I must say these products are amazing and I hope you like these picks. If you think  differently let me know on the comments below.

Photo Credit: The Verge


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