Disney Infinity officially announced

Disney Infinity is a brand new sandbox game coming June 2013 where you with any Disney/Pixar in anyone of their respective worlds. Using small figures, like in Skylanders, and transferring them into the game. Now the game is going to be known for its two game modes: ‘Play Sets’ and ‘Toy Box’

Play Sets is where you will play as a Disney/Pixar character only in there own world and not anyone else. You’ll actually start with three worlds with its own three figures when you first buy the game: Monsters University (Mike), Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow), and The Incredibles (Mr. Incredible). You go off on adventures and unlock items, characters and many more. There will be online play for 2-player co-op. Many more worlds will be available through time.

Toy Box is where you are going to use your imagination in this mode. Any of the figures you have can be playable together in this world. You will be able to create your own worlds by combining certain things from other worlds like using the world of Tron with Pirates of the Caribbean. Anything you have unlocked individual Play Sets will be available for you in the toy box and mix-n-match everything you want at your disposal.

Since the game is multi-platform, Disney has stated that Infinity characters can ”exist and interact in one game across” other platforms. The initial line will include 40 collectible interactive pieces, 17 character figures, and 20 Power Discs all to be used on the Infinity Base. The starter pack will be $74.99, individual play sets for $34.99, figure 3-packs for $29.99, individual figures for $12.99, and power disc packs for $4.99.

Disney Infinity will be arriving on coming to console first in June of 2013 then to online and mobile device later in the year.

Additional Source: Polygon

Here’s the Reveal Trailer to the game:


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