What They Say: The Dead Space 3 MetaReview

‘What They Say’ is  an new series on ImOnlyRicky where we do a MetaReview on the top games and tech from the Industry top publications.


Electronic Arts and Visceral Games released ‘Dead Space 3’ to the masses today and its looks like a mighty fine game if I  say so myself. With the addition of Co-Op to the game might freak out some fans but what did the Gaming industry have to say about it.

  • Polygon, 9.5: Dead Space 3 is a monster of a game. Visceral avoided major deviations from the gameplay loop established by the previous games, instead choosing to refine those mechanics. But it has made major, substantive additions to the game’s structure that make Dead Space 3 feel much more ambitious. Even more surprisingly, it has successfully executed on all of them. Visceral hasn’t just avoided screwing up its game with co-op — it has made it feel natural and at home, and has done it without impacting the single-player experience in any negative way. That alone would be enough to make Dead Space 3 an achievement. But the new crafting system and bigger, more open level structure join co-op to make Dead Space 3 one of the best action games in years.
  • Gamespot, 8: Dead Space 3 is a big, generous game, but it sometimes reaches too far for its own good. Peppered throughout the campaign are various gameplay sequences intended to give you a little break from the core combat. Some of these are fun palate cleansers, like a scene where you’re piloting a rapidly failing spaceship through a minefield of debris. Others are simply tedious, like the clumsy ice-climbing sequences on Tau Volantis. These adventures in scaling sheer cliff faces aren’t that fun to begin with thanks to the awkward and unresponsive way you maneuver around on your rope, and become exponentially less fun when the game starts throwing ever larger hazards at you.
  • Joystiq, 4 1/2 Stars: Dead Space 3 is excellent, meaning I didn’t enjoy very much of it. The torture is self-inflicted, and I only increased the severity by playing the game without company, without light and without those regular breaks they used to warn you about in the manual (ask your parents). The inclusion of co-op has made the solo stress no less potent.
  • Eurogamer, 7: It’s not as if Dead Space has always been a pure-bred horror title in the first place. True horror requires vulnerability to generate fear, and this is a series where you play a heavily armoured man with an arsenal designed for ripping flesh and psychic powers that hold the monsters in place while he puts them to use. Look past the jump scares and gory surface details, and the Dead Space trajectory has always been one of escalation rather than emasculation.
  • Game Informer, 9.75: As long as mankind has existed, our base instincts have included survival and tool creation. Visceral Games’ latest entry in its acclaimed horror franchise expertly taps into these core desires. Players still creep through dim corridors while blasting limbs off alien zombies, but the scope of survival has expanded. What you bring to battle is completely up to you thanks to the deep weapon-crafting system. Protagonist Issac Clarke can also suit up with a buddy this time in two-player co-op. These features culminate into one of the most rewarding video games I’ve ever played.
  • IGN, 7.8: The combat system and the world Visceral has crafted in Dead Space 3 is so expertly built and well-wrought, I found myself consciously overlooking my main criticisms, because I love playing it and spending time with it. This is an important distinction to make: loving a game while being fully aware of its faults. Dead Space 3, when played the way I’ve been playing it, on New Game+, is an engrossing and satisfying experience. But it requires ignoring the bad story and the numbing to-do lists. It then becomes all about building up the most powerful, best outfitted Isaac you can imagine. It’s here and here alone that Dead Space 3 succeeds, mostly in spite of itself.
  • Edge, 7: There are moments of breathtaking ambience and grandeur in Dead Space 3, especially in those zero-gravity moments spent floating in a vast interstellar debris field, taking a break from the din of pistons and valves and blast furnaces. The sense of immersion is about as unparalleled as you can get without an Oculus Rift strapped to your head. But the campaign feels overlong and stretch marks begin to appear towards the end of the roughly 20-hour adventure. This game could have benefited from some strategic dismemberment of its own, performed by a shrewd editor who knows how to sever redundant limbs.

So what you guys think of the game. Let us know in the comments below.


One response to “What They Say: The Dead Space 3 MetaReview

  1. I played the demo and wasn’t impressed. Granted, I didn’t play the co-op mode in the demo; I’ve read that that’s fun. However, I feel that survival horror should be a single player experience—why rely on someone else? I was hoping for a great game, but from the demo, I fear a “meh” experience. Have you played the demo? What do you think?

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