LucasArts no more, Star Wars 1313 and First Assault could be licensed


Remember when Disney bought Lucasfilm and there was talk about what will happen to LucasArts, well it happen. Many outlets are reporting that Disney has decided to close down video game publisher/developer LucasArts today. In 2012, Disney has said that it decided to move away from console development and focus more on social and mobile games which gave wonder when the LucasFilm purchase happen about their video game branch. A total of 150 people were laid-off as part of the shut down along with upcoming games Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault being cancelled but possible that those games and the ‘Star Wars’ brand can be licensed to other developers. LucasArts has been known making amazing games under the Star Wars name such the Knights of the Old Republic and  Battlefront series which were licensed games made by Bioware/Pandemic Studios, and The Force Unleashed made internally. It is a sad day and the question of who will grab the Star Wars video game license will begin to loom.

Source: Kotaku, Game Informer


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