Making Changes but still rollin

The blog has been on a very long hiatus then I usually thought it would be. On the other side of my life, I’ve been a little bit more busy then usual and haven’t got time to write with news that’s been happening since I lasted posted. But I haven’t forgot bout Project.Play and been thinking of other ways to make the news efficient to everyone and this post will be what I will do and the future of Project.Play.

First we’re going to start posting more on our Facebook  and Twitter accounts, I’ve been testing it out by sending post form other outlets, pictures and videos and it feels more quick and out there to everyone. Will that mean that blog shut down? No, I will be posting more of the Big stuff that will like upcoming news from This week Google I/O event or the #XboxReveal event happening next week. Second will be live events on the site, if any big event is livestream it will be on the site depending on the embed link. I’m do my best to keep you guys updated in the latest on Video Games, Tech and other stuff probably.

Next is what to look forward to in come whats to come. In the next 6-7 weeks, a bunch of events are coming and alot of new stuff will be shown. Here’s a rundown on what’s to come

  • Google I/O 2013 (May 14-17): Google annual developers conference is back and hopes of a new version of Android, Google Glass details, unified messaging and more are the possible topics to be talked at their now one day only Keynote this Wednesday.
  • Microsoft #XboxReveal Event (May 21): The next-generation Xbox is set to be announced after many rumors within the past year. Talks about the console and entertainment service should what be on the agenda on the 21st.
  • E3 (June 10, 12-14): Even though the actual event doesn’t happen til the 12th, E3 will technically start on June 10th Press Briefings coming from Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft with BIG Next-Gen talk and Nintendo deciding to step out Press Briefing party. Expect big games coming this year.
  • WWDC (June 10-14): Along the same week as E3, Apple will begin the regimentation of what might be  new versions of iOS and OS X that will be talked at Apple  annual developer conference starting with their Keynote on the 10th
  • Build 2013 (June 26-28): Microsoft will give third event in a while over a months time but this time it will about  Windows 8.1 (codename Blue) for desktop, tablets and Windows Phone. There will also be topics about the next xbox and a possible announcement of a new version of the Surface including an 7-inch version.

It big month ahead of us and i’m looking forward of whats to come. Now with the new changes will be starting tomorrow, so be to the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and lets this show on the road.


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