Microsoft E3 Preview


Momentum is in favor of Microsoft but it is theirs lose. They have already announced the Xbox One but gamers weren’t pleased that not many games were presented at their unveiling. TV was the most talked about and its actually a good to get that out of the way and use E3 for its suppose to be about: The Games.

What to Expect

Microsoft has clearly stated that the E3 Media Briefing will be focused on games and it should. At their Xbox One unveiling, it was announced that 15 exclusive titles will be coming and expect some of those to talked about. What was not talked about was Xbox Live Arcade and expect it to make a presence and their landscape for what they will do with indie games. A focal point of the briefing will be on Xbox Live and its new features that it will bring to the Xbox One. Along with Live, they could what they plan to bring with their Xbox SmartGlass second screen app for the next console. Xbox 360 will be talked about more with the possibility of a new version of the console at a cheaper price. And price and date for the Xbox Live will be critical to present.

Games to Watch

  • Quantum Break – This new title will combine Gaming and Television together as this Xbox One exclusive to a make big splash.
  • Forza Motorsports 5 – The fifth entry in the racing series has impressed people after its trailer at the unveiling. Expect gameplay and some pretty cool new features from this.
  • Mystery Rare game – Developer Rare said that they are bringing back one of their franchises to the Xbox One but the questions remains which one  could it be?
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved! – From the people who made Rock Band and Dance Central comes a brand new where you Create, Control and Transform music based in the world of the classic Disney movie, Fantasia
  • The 15 exclusives coming to the Xbox One – Four of these exclusives have already been talked about, so that leaves eleven more to be talked at the presser.
  • Games coming soon to the Xbox 360 – Microsoft is planning to keep the Xbox 360 for a while due to the Xbox One non-backward compatiablities. Fable Anniversary has already been announced for the 360 and to see some third-party games give it a push.
  • EA Sports Next-Gen titles – At the Xbox One unveiling, EA Sports and Xbox entered a partnership that will bring more details at this Briefing with Madden, FIFA, NBA Live and UFC
  • Respawn Entertainment Secret Game – Nobody knows what this developer is making but we know its gunna be at E3 and rumors have said its only coming the Xbox One and Xbox 360. There could be a chance it might be shown at the Xbox Briefing but if not there it will be at EA Press Conference.

When and where to watch
Microsoft E3 Media Briefing is happening June 10th @ 9:30am on Xbox Live, and Spike TV


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