EA Sports begins to reveal the All-25 Madden Team


EA Sports will be revealing its All-25 Team which will playable in Play Now on Madden NFL 25. John Madden was revealed as the Head Coach today having won Super Bowl XI in 1977 with a career record of 103 wins, 32 losses and 7 ties which makes it the second highest winning percentage in NFL History for any coach. Madden was also known as an announcer for CBS, FOX and NBC before retiring in 2009.

The All-25 reveal will continue til August 10th with a different position being shown. To find out who will be revealed next just click here with a schedule below the article.

  • July 30 – Running Back, Fullback
  • July 31 – Defensive Ends
  • August 1 – Strong Safety, Full Safety
  • August 2 – Cornerbacks
  • August 3 – Kick Returner, Place Kicker, Punter
  • August 4 – Quarterback
  • August 6 – Tight End, Wide Receivers
  • August 7 – Offensive Tackles, Center
  • August 8 – Offensive Guards
  • August 9 – Linebackers
  • August 10 – Defensive Tackles

Madden NFL 25 will be released on Aug 27th for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and will be released as a launch title for the Xbox One and PS4


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