Never left, Just needed to think and We’re back

The blog has been on a very long hiatus then I usually thought it would be. On the other side of my life, I’ve been a little bit more busy then usual and haven’t got time to write with news that’s been happening since I lasted posted. But I haven’t forgot bout Project.Play and been thinking of other ways to make the news efficient to everyone and this post will be what I will do and the future of Project.Play.

First we’re going to start posting more on our Facebook  and Twitter accounts, I’ve been testing it out by sending post form other outlets, pictures and videos and it feels more quick and out there to everyone. Will that mean that blog shut down? No, we will continue to write and with TWO writers now in the mix so hopefully it’ll more better getting the news

So what is coming next in the coming weeks and months. A bunch of stuff are coming as the fall/winter gaming season is coming along with release of the Xbox One and PS4 happening. Project.Play never left, it got a little expanded with a new focus.


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