Project Spark…Wow

So first of all…Hey what’s up?! I’m a new writer here for Project.Play! I’m Frank and…well…ya. On to business. So during E3, if you were watching Microsofts presentation, there was a little piece on a game being created and produced exclusively (There are alot of those) for the Xbox One. This piece was respectively called Project Spark. Now at first glance this game just looks and screams “IM FOR KIDS!!!” Just like the Xbox 360’s “Kinect”. So I paid no REAL attention to the cornucopia of possibilities that lay before me. It starts out with a guy talking through his kinect to the game (who cares) telling it to make a valley, some mountains and just random stuff to create himself a world. Again, who cares! I could’ve played “Little Big Planet” or “Minecraft” for this experience. Man was I wrong. By the end of the presentation I had been blown away by what they created!!! It was a warzone between your village and the Goblins across the river. One of the creators took a rock and turned into this giant mech warrior! A LITTLE ROCK!!! To top it off, he really got my panties wet when he started “EARTHBENDING” (For those who don’t know, it’s a reference to the Avatar series…but you should know that) right into battle and tossing fireballs right to the goblins. What followed was a clip of games already created through this simple canvas by other gamers. From what i saw, this game can create 2D scrollers, First/Third Person Shooters, Dungeon Crawlers, platformers in general, and racers. Wow. I really can’t wait for this game. If this title works, plays, and creates as promised…theoretically, there may not be a reason to buy another game again. I’ll Just Make It!!! (Again, Just theoretically…maybe)


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